Click on the image above to download the “ Crossing Paths “ slide show movie. All art in the exhibition is featured in this slide show. The Movie is not as clear on the web or in download format as compared to the actual file.

The Crossing Paths exhibition includes artists Jeffrey S. Thornton

Stephen J. Gates and David W. Raven.

22 pieces of art by each artist for a total of 66 paintings and drawings in the exhibition.

Jeff created the concept, worked out the details with long time artist friends mentioned above and proposed the idea to the Phipps Museum of Art in Hudson Wisconsin. They loved the project and two shows were granted. The first exhibition is a scaled down version in the smaller “ Healing Arts Gallery. “

The second show being held at the “ Phipps Museum of Art “ will be somewhat different with 10 new pieces by each artist which will replace 10 each that are now in the book, thus being able to display 30 new and current pieces of art in the second show.

Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths - an exhibition created and proposed by Jeffrey S. Thornton. The show has been accepted by the Phipps Museum of Art and the Healing Arts Gallery for 2015 and 2016

Crossing Paths.pdf

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